Bounce House — Indoors or Out.


You’re probably thinking, has she lost her mind? But to answer that . . . probably, but this is one of the best things I have every purchased for my son. I got it for him for Christmas and surprised him with it. He was filled with glee. I purchased one that fit in my living room so that even when it is snowing or raining or I’m dead-tired, or it is winter in MN and the sun sets at 4pm, no matter what we have a way to get out his energy that is amazing and fun. It has more than paid for itself in less than a year. I purchased mine on Amazon, measured my living room twice and it even came with it’s own air blower. In the winter I keep it in the living room so all I have to do is unroll it and plug it in. This takes little to no energy from mom, and it is hours of exercise and fun for your little ones. In the summer I take it in and out of the house when we use it, this takes some strength or borrowed strength from a loved one, because it is heavy. 


Bounce House that fits in your living space.


1 Follow the instructions for set up on your bounce house. 

2 Sit back and watch your kiddos have fun!

3 Optional addition: Do a craft with your kids making score paddles from 1-5. Use glitter, or puffy glue or construction paper, whatever their hearts desire. Then while they do jumps and tricks, you can encourage them and be part of the activity scoring their jumps.