Bunny Bowling


Spring and Easter are upon us and the weather isn’t always cooperating, so why not try Bunny Bowling. This silly activity can be done with supplies you likely have laying around the house. It takes little effort from mom, and becomes a laugh worthy game for hours. My son thought this activity was hysterical. 


Cardboard Box

Construction Paper





1 Take a small box of any shape and cut the mouth out like a trapdoor, leaving one side attached. 

2 Cut one small flap of the box off, Use this to cut ears. 

3 Take the back of the box closed.

4 Glue the paper to the box, cutting eyes and a nose and attaching them as well. 

5 Cut a small slit for each ear in the top of the box and slide the cardboard ears in. 

6 Start bowling!

7 Try different challenges like rolling, bouncing hopping on one foot then tossing the ball. There are endless ways to tire our your kids while they laugh with you Bunny Bowling.