Coloring: Heroes


Coloring is an easy way to achieve hours of delightful fun, and it is proven to be therapeutic. All you need is a bucket of crayons and some paper. Best part, the talented and amazing Matt Kaufenberg drew these two heroes for your little ones to color! Great for any age (even mamas like to color) and nearly any mama-energy level. Ready for your little ones to give these a try? Download the 8.5″x11″ coloring sheets; boy and girl. I also like to keep stuff like this in my car, but if you live somewhere it gets hot, be careful with crayons in your car . . . they can melt!

Special thank you to: Matt Kaufenberg, Illustrator for these amazing characters! Check out his other amazing work at! 



Access to a Printer

Hero coloring sheets files: Hero Boy and Hero Girl

Color Crayons or Markers 


1 Print the coloring sheets

2 Explore the use of color, texture, patterns and have fun!