Heirloom Cape


Never enough capes! That is the motto in my house. I think at this point my son has six, but this was his first. He wanted a cape and I didn’t have the money to spend to buy him one at the time. So I took his old onesies and t-shirts and quilted them together to create this cape. He calls it his “patchwork cape” and he loves wearing it. It melts my heart. 


A giant pile of random shirts your child used to wear


Ribbon or Bias Tape 

Sewing Machine


1 Layout the shirts with the characters up and determine a square size. I used a 5″ square. 

2 Cut out all the shirts in the square size.

3 Organize them in a pattern that you and your child like.

4 I simply sewed them in rows. Then sewed the rows together. 

5 Sew on the ribbon or bias tape to create the ties. 

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