Masquerade Mask


My son and I decided to make Masquerade Masks. We had a blast picking out colors for the felt, sequins and feathers. We happened to have paper straws already that matched. This was a fun and easy project for my toddler and I. It didn’t take much energy from me. Most I had to do was use the scissors and Xacto to cut the shape of the mask. 


1 Sheet of Felt (8.5×11 approximate)



Fabric Glue

Scissors/Xacto Knife

Thin Cardboard 

Paper Straw

Printer & Paper

Mask Template


1 Print this Masquerade Mask template and cut it out.

2 Using the template cut out the shape in the cardboard.

3 Glue the cardboard to the felt and cut it out. 

4 Glue the other side of the cardboard to more felt and cut it out.

5 Cut out eye holes.

6 Glue on sequins and feathers in whatever design your child dreams up. 

7 Glue the paper straw on the back of the mask on one side. 

8 Let the Masquerade Party Begin!