Rainbow Loom Bracelets


This is a great project for when mom is feeling really tired, but still wants to hang out with her school age children. You can lay next to them on the sofa or bed while they create all kinds of things for you and them! Matching mama and child bracelets, anyone? There are so many designs on YouTube that can keep your child interested and challenged.

Special thank you to: Jessica, Wellness Mama of 2 sweet girls, Minneapolis, MN for doing this great activity with her daughter.  


Rainbow Loom rubber bands

Rainbow loom (Optional see below)

Rainbow loom hook (comes with the rainbow loom but can buy separate)

C or S clips for bracelets



1 You loop the bracelets onto the rainbow loom by going diagonal left and right for as long as you need the bracelet.

2 Loop one over the other until the end.