This is so simple and uses stuff most likely laying around your house! And mama if you like wine, it gives you an excuse to have a glass. Besides what else were you going to do with all those empty toilet paper rolls? You can even pair this with a bird book or butterfly book to add even more adventure. Why not put a bird feeder right outside your window so you and your kiddo can watch birds with your new binoculars. This activity also makes a fun add-on to the Indoor Camping Series.


2 Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

1 Wine Cork


Paint Brush

Hot Glue Gun

Decorative Tape


1 Hot glue the wine cork to the two toilet paper rolls. Depending on the age of your child, mama may need to do this.

2 Paint the tubes and cork. 

3 Let the paint dry. 

4 Stick decorative tape to the ends of both tubes to create the illusion of the lenses. 

5 Find things to inspect and watch in nature!