Swashbuckle Series: Pirate Hat


Last time we made the Pirate Telescope now we are continuing the fun Swashbuckle Series we begin the Pirate Hat! This fun craft builds on the excitement of a pirate life and is easy for an exhausted mom. Great for children three and up!


Construction Paper in two colors

Glue Gun (for adult or older children)

* Optional Glitter Glue

Scotch Tape

Access to a printer to print the Hat Template

Xacto Knife (for adult)


1 Start by printing the Hat Template

2 Take the first color of construction paper and cut the hat to shape, making two identical pieces for front and back. I didn’t have large enough construction paper, so we taped the pieces together with scotch tape. 

3 Next hot glue the left and right of the hat together.

4 Cut the skull from the template with the Xacto blade from the second color of construction paper and hot glue it to the center of the front of the hat.

5 Optional, use glitter glue and run a line of it as a detail on the upper edge of the hat.

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