Bubble Wrap Flowers


Another fun way to use all the bubble wrap that comes with your packages! Here is the Bubble Wrap Flower project. It is minimum energy for mom and great for kids 2+. McKenzie loved being able to do this project mainly all on her own! She picked the colors and was able to make shapes, like flower pedals all by herself! A art project is always a win for a three year old!

Special thanks to: Stephanie M. Sinclair, founder of How 2 Mom and Mothers Making Moves for doing this amazing project with her daughter McKenzie.


Construction paper


Paper Plate

Bubble Wrap

*Optional Newspaper for help with easy cleanup


1 Let your child pick a couple fun colors and put small piles of paint on a paper plate.

2 Then help cut pieces of the bubble wrap for your child.

3 Show your child how to dip the piece of bubble wrap in the paint.

4 Then make fun shapes and pictures by lightly dabbing the bubble wrap on the construction paper.