No-Sew Dragon Costume


Fun way to celebrate Mama’s Knight: A Cancer Story of Love is to create a dragon costume from the book. This easy no-sew costume is easy for mama and child and creates endless imaginative play. My son loves costumes and making things.


1/2 Yard Felt

1 Sheet Felt in a contrasting color

Fabric Glue



Access to a Printer / Paper

Dragon Pattern


1 If you want I am supplying a pattern, I free-hand cut mine, but this is a nice reference. Fold the large felt in half, cut a 1/4 circle at the top center to notch for the child’s neck. I freehand shaped the wing jacket and tale by folding it in half and just cutting it.

2 Take the contrasting felt and cut triangles for the back spikes. Cut a 1/2 inch deep slot in one side. 

3 Along the folded edge of the jacket, cut lines that are slightly less wide then your spikes. Slide the spike into the whole from the inside. 

4 Using the fabric glue, glue one side of the slit to each side the felt, adhering them to the jacket and creating stability. Continue all the way up the jacket.

5 Cut two arm holes on each side. One around mid bicep and one around the wrist area. Hold the jacket up to your child before cutting the lines. 

6 Create the headband by cutting a thin strip of one fabric and glue to the top edge of the head band. 

7 Next cut the cardboard into horns, using that shape cut four pieces from each felt color. Create the stripes as your child desires and glue them together sandwiching the cardboard in the center. 

8 Play!