Bubble Wrap Stomp


This fun activity requires mom to have a little energy as a mess is about to begin! Great for children 1+. This is a unique way to play and paint and create. Kids love the newness of doing art with their feet. All you have to do is tell your child that he or she gets to paint with their feet! How exciting! 

Special thanks to: Stephanie M. Sinclair, founder of How 2 Mom and Mothers Making Moves


Bubble Wrap



Roll Paper


1 Wrap your child’s feet with bubble wrap and secure it with tape. 

2 Roll out paper on the floor and tape it to down on the edges. 

3 Pour paint on paper plates and help your child dip their feet in paint. You will have to lift them so the paint doesn’t hit the floor.

4 Set them down and let them go to town, walking, skipping and doing circles to make fun designs!