Paper Plate Flowers


A great activity for a rainy day and you have all the supplies you need right in your house! Paper Plate Flowers is a fun way to experience painting, cutting and creating all at once. My son and I had a blast imaging these and trying different patterns on our plates. This activity may need some assistance from another grown up, because cutting through the plates can be a little tiring. This activity also makes a fun add-on to the Indoor Camping Series. 


Paper Plates (cheap, thin, no coating)

Paint and Brushes

Pipe Cleaners


Paper Punch


1 Paint three plates per flower you want to create. Let them dry.

2 Pair the plates into stacks of three. From each stack one plate will the the largest, middle and smallest. 

3 Begin folding them in half, quarter, down to eights. And cut the tops. 

4 Do the next one smaller and the third smaller yet, cutting deeper into the flower shape.

5 Stack the places. Paper Punch the center of the flowers with two holes. 

6 Using a marker curl the edges of the flower pedals.

7 Run about four pipe cleansers through the two holes and curl the ends.  

8 These are great to decorate your room or even use as part of the fun for Indoor Camping!