Toddler Hero Cape


This is such an easy project. My son and I made it in about twenty minutes and turns your kiddo into a hero! My son enjoys helping me sew. He’s so cute about it, and what an amazing skill to carry with him through his life. He actually turned to me during this project and said, “I’m a big boy now.” You could easily follow these same instructions and make a larger cape for older children, the fundamental steps stay the same, you just need more fabric and bias tape. You can also make this as complicated as you want with decals and tassels and any other embellishments you desire. We kept it basic and easy. 


1/2 Yard Fabric of your choice.

3 Yards of Bias Tape – Wide Single Fold 

18″ of elastic



Sewing Machine or Needle

Access to a Printer

Cape Pattern


1 Create the Pattern. Print this PDF, tape the pieces together. Hold the pattern up to your toddler to ensure it will fit.  

2 Pin the pattern to the fabric and cut it out. (I decided to go longer than the pattern example to the end of the fabric due to my son’s height, making it a little longer for him.)

3 Sew the top edge over creating about 1.25″ pocket.

4 Slide the elastic through the pocket, sewing one edge. 

5 Pull the elastic through the pocket which will create the gather of the fabric. Sew it in place so its tight but not too tight for your child. And trim the excess elastic band off. 

6 Cut the first strip of the Bias Tape to the side of the cape, sandwich the apron fabric between the bias tape and sew it on. This creates a nice easy edge. (If you are new to sewing, be sure to do a reverse stick at the beginning and end of all stitches so the stitch doesn’t unravel).

7 Fit and cut the Bias Tape on the other side, sandwich fabric and sew.

8 Fit and sew the bottom edge of the cape, be sure to fold the ends of the bias tape under for a nice finished edge. 

9 Cut the remaining Bias Tape length in half, this will create the two ties. Fold on end inside and sew the Bias tape closed. Repeat on the other strip. Next sew them to the top edges of the cape. 

10 Place cape around your child’s shoulders and let the magic begin!

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