Indoor Scavenger Hunt


We really enjoyed this project as it opened up lots of other activities. My son loved hearing the clues and running all over the house to find the surprises. I recommend getting a magnifying glass to add to the fun! This activity is great for children 4+ and mama needs a little energy if you’re doing this with younger children. If older children they can bring you the treasures they find. 






A toy that goes “zoom”, example toy car 

“Lots of Something” 3-5 of something, example foam planes or play necklaces 

“Something that needs to be fed”, example a mouse finger puppet and the book “Give a Mouse a Cookie”

“Something Blue”, example a blue background coloring book

“Surprise Food”, whatever kind of small snack or treat they may enjoy

“Prize Power”, example I recommend a game


1 Print the clue cards and cut them apart. 

2 Hide clue 1 on the bottom side of the table. 

3 Hide clue 2 in your bathroom with the object that goes “zoom” (aka a car).

4 Hide clue 3 in the kitchen pots with the objects “lots” (aka mini planes or set of play necklaces).

5 Hide clue 4 under mom’s bed with the object that “needs to be fed” (aka “Give a Mouse a Cookie” book and mouse finger puppet).

6 Hide clue 5 where your child hides their shoes with the object that is “blue” (aka a blue coloring book).

7 Hide clue 6 in your refrigerator with the “snack” (aka any treat they would enjoy).

8 Hide clue 7 under your living room chair.

9 Hide the final “prize” in your shower (aka a board game).

10 Give your child the first sheet of paper (with the dragon on it) and hand your child their very own magnifying glass and start the adventure! The best part of this if not only getting them up running and having fun solving a puzzle, but you’re also giving them something new to play with, color or a board game to play together.