Crepe Paper Maze


Turn a hallway in your home into an experience with this fun Crepe Paper Maze. It takes a little while to set up, but the kids loved it! Older kids will enjoy the challenge and do it over and over again like ninjas. Younger children love the luxury of it and crawl through giggling. This is a cheap activity that you can do easily. For the most part mom doesn’t need energy, you just sit back and watch them play, but it does take a little time for set up. The kids loved it!

Special thanks to my friend Melissa for letting us come play! 


Crepe Paper


Balloons (Optional)

Streamers/Banners (Optional)


1 Depending on the height of the child that will be doing the activity will determine the height you build the maze. Begin taping the crepe paper and streamers horizontally, angled, whatever works for the space. Do a lot of them so it’s more challenging. Make sure you put the lowest streamers high enough the kids can crawl under and not catch them with there butts. 

2 Blow up balloons and toss a bunch inside the maze. 

3 Set your kids loose!