Color Your Emotions: Matching Game


Visual matching is a great game for children, but in this fun activity we take even farther. I invited Minneapolis illustrator Jen Rich to create these adorable characters and my son and I are both smitten as I know you will be to! Children can color animals and emotions giving families a tool to open communication, while soothing the mind as you color two of each image. My son and I took turns deciding how to color our characters. We had such a great time talking about the characters and why they looked determined or worried, allowing us to apply that information to our feelings that day. This activity is great for children early toddlers to school age and above, and the best part mom doesn’t need tons of energy to play!

Special thanks to: Jen Rich, illustrator on instagram @hellojenrich



Color Crayons

Clear Packaging Tape


Emotion Cards


1 Print the Color Your Emotions cards.

2 Cut the cards out. (Mom you might need to do this for your kiddos).

3 Separate the cards into teams to color. Whether the whole family is participating or just one child and mom. Work in teams to make two of each card that match. 

4 Using clear packaging tape wrap the cards, front and back, to make them sturdy for play.

5 Lay the cards out upside down and start taking turns trying to make matches!

6 As you make a match, talk about each emotion and try to make the same expression as the character on the card. 

7 The player with the most matches wins.

8 And incase you haven’t had enough fun yet! Download the characters as full-size Color Your Emotions coloring sheets too, to keep your little ones entertained!