Fairy Scavenger Hunt Series: Autumn


Four seasons of fairy fun! Meet the Autumn Fairy in her little adventure. Falling leaves, pumpkins, crisp air and apples. What more could you need on your scavenger hunt. When the Autumn Fairy leaves a note on your doorstep, you just have to follow her clues to find where she’s hiding! This activity is great for children about 3+ years old and mamas will love it too. Mama needs a little energy to be able to walk around the yard and read the fairy notes. 



Fairy Clues




Tiny Bottles with Corks


Fairy Wings (optional)


1 You have to help your fairy out: print these tiny Scrolls

2 Cut them out, a bit uneven to give them a realistic texture. Roll them up and tie them with string/thread. But keep track of which one is which so you put them out in the right order. I like to use little sandwich bags and put all the props in the right bags with each one. 

3 Help the Autumn Fairy hide all her messages. 

4 Put the first scroll on the door step.

5 Place the second scroll with the bottle of pixie dust somewhere damp/dirty that bugs might hide this time of year. 

6 Hide the third scroll with the Gnome in leaves or vines that have turned red with the cold weather. 

7 Place the final scroll with Autumn Fairy in the rocks. 

8 Show your child the first scroll and set them on the trail! Read it, put on fairy wings and begin the adventure. 

9 When you finally find the Autumn Fairy, read the scroll and have your child give her a name and bring her home to stay!

10 Imagination is beautiful!