Fishtail Blanket


This fun little project makes snuggling even more fun. I will be making breakfast and wander into the living room to find my son for breakfast…and there he is snuggled in his lobster tail blanket reading to himself.


1 & 1/2 Yard Fabric of your choice. (Depending on height of child you may need more. We used fleece)

1 Yard of Satin Blanket Edging 



Sewing Machine or Needle

Access to a Printer

Fishtale Template


1 Create the Pattern. Print this PDF, tape the pieces together. Hold the pattern up to your toddler to ensure it will fit. The goal is for the fish tail to be taller and wider than your child. 

2 Lay the fabric folded over itself. Pin the pattern to the fabric, extend the length if necessary and cut through both layers of fabric creating two matching pieces.

3 Cut the satin blanket edge to fit the top edge of the fish tail, sandwich the fabric between the blanket edge and sew it on. This creates a nice easy edge. (If you are new to sewing, be sure to do a reverse stitch at the beginning and end of all stitches so the stitch doesn’t unravel). Repeat this with the other piece. 

4 Place the two pieces together, matching edges and begin sewing all the way around the fish tail. As you work around the fins do a reverse stitch at the “corners” to reinforce it. 

5 Flip it back right side out and begin the snuggle fest!

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