Pool Noodle Obstacle Course 

Pool Noodle Obstacle Course The Mama Village


You know all those pool noodles you have in the rafters of your garage, time to put them to good use! This is a super easy way to get your kids some exercise while you sit back and watch . . . and possibly referee. The skewers easily slide in the ground and it takes very little energy from mama.

Special thanks to: my friend Jessica and her girls for joining us on this adventure!


Pool Noodles

Cree Paper

Wooden Kabob Skewers 


Optional Bubble Blower


1 Slide the wooden skewers into the ground, two skewers per noodle. Put them about a foot apart so that they are just wide enough and tall enough for your kids to crawl through. 

2 Put the next noodle about 1.5 feet away.

3 Once all the noodles are in place run cree paper around the noodles connecting them together to make a tunnel, taping it off at the beginning and end. We did it three times just for fun. 

4 Optional, we put a bubble blower at the end of the loop. 

5 Let the race begin!