Indoor Camping Series: Paper Butterflies


Sometimes you just don’t feel well enough to go camping or maybe the weather isn’t cooperating, either way this fun series will help you get to nature from the comfort of your home. We made paper butterflies which is a simple and fun activity. We even pulled out our butterfly identification book to get some color inspiration. This activity is great for kids age 4+ and mom can have any energy level. 


Painting paper

Paint & Brushes

Pipe Cleaners


1 Cut the paper to 6″x6″ squares, for each butterfly you want to make you need two squares.

2 Paint the paper in any creative way you want.

3 When the paint is dry, fold it in half diagonally, accordion folding the paper into diamonds.

4 Take two of the accordion folded papers and hold them together as you twist a pipe cleaner over it securing them together and creating the body. With the excess twist them into the antennas.

5 Spread the wings out to create your pretty butterflies.