Paint Everything


This is great for any age. Whether your child is older and wants a lot of space to just paint, or younger and wants that sensory play to sit and squish paint in their toes. We played “paint your foot” and “painting paper” but for toddlers I think it is safe to say my son and I had the most fun with the “paint run”. Embrace the mess! They will be adults before we know it.


Roll paper

Masking Tape or Packaging Tape


*Your child will likely need a bath after this!


1 Roll the paper out on the floor, I typically did about 6 feet and tape all the edges down. 

2 Paint! I liked to swirl the paint on the paper and let my son run through it and make hand prints and sit in it. Older children may want to paint pictures. My son and I enjoyed painting his feet with a paint brush. This is a great excuse to make footprint art. 

3 Keep paper towels near incase of baby-escapes, don’t want paint on all your furniture. ?

4 Bath probably required.