Pool Noodle Marble Race


This is a fun, impromptu activity to do when your stuck inside. Plus at some point you have enough pool noodles, so why not destroy one. My son loved this activity and it didn’t take any energy from me. I just cut the noodle and taped it to the counter and it was thirty minutes of fun for him. This activity is only good for children that know not to put things in their mouths. Marbles are tasty-looking treats and serious choking hazards to little ones. So be safe. 


1 Pool Noodle

Xacto Blade





2 Paper Straws


1 Cut the noodle in half creating two racetracks. 

2 Tape the noodles together and to the counter, placing the bottom into a bowl. 

3 Make a finish sign with paper and markers or glitter. Whatever their hearts desire. 

4 Let the races begin!

5 For added annoyance to you and joy for your child, do what I did and have a glass dish. My son loved the sound the marbles made in it, like a winning chime. For less annoyance plastic containers might be a good idea.