Play in the dirt . . . INDOORS!


Kinetic Sand is amazing! You can play in the sand in the comfort of your home. No matter if you aren’t feeling well or it is raining. This is a great activity to keep you kids busy. Plus a perk, whatever magic is in Kinetic Sand it sticks to itself so it isn’t messy. Which is lovely for mom. My son adores this stuff. 


Kinetic Sand

Scooping things


Optional: Large plastic container to play in. 


1 Pour out the Kinetic sand and let the fun begin!

2 After doing this enough times, I’ve learned to put the kinetic sand onto a large cookie sheet for playing, the clean up is far easier.

MOM TIP Buy the refill box. It is far less expensive and you get way more. You have plenty of trucks and cutting things and scoops laying around your house.