Marshmallow Launchers


I had to do this project twice to get the hang of it. The first time I bought cups that were a bit wide and fancy balloons that were a bit thick and hard to stretch. I went back and bought another set and did cheap balloons and smaller cups. That was far easier to do. My son thought this was particularly hysterical. Who doesn’t love making a mess. 


Plastic Cups (Small/Medium size and sturdy. Wimpy cups will crush under the strength of the stretched balloon)


Marshmallows (or pom-poms)


Xacto Knife (for adult)


1 Cut the bottom off of the cup with the xacto knife (probably a job for an adult)

2 Put the balloon over the top lip of the cup. 

3 Tie a knot in the balloon to make a blob to grab onto.

4 Decorate your cup with a Sharpie.

5 Fill your cup with marshmallows (or pom-poms for less mess) and begin the war!