Pom-Pom Web


This is a great indoor activity and can be for any energy level for mom. So simple and you likely have everything you need right in your own home. We started with a goal of getting the poms stuck to the tape and it turned into an all out pom-pom war! We were laughing so hard. And laughter is the best kind of medicine. 


Painters tape/Masking tape 



1 Tape from edge to edge over a doorway creating an overlapping web.

2 It can be played two ways. Option One: everyone is on the sticky side of the tape and you each get a color of pom-poms. Whoever gets the most poms stuck to the tape wins. Option Two: Mom is on the non-sticky side and the kid/s are on the sticky side and you have a pom-pom war tossing them back and forth til you giggle yourself silly. 

3 Optional ending, try running through tape. My son got stuck, which made him laugh pretty darn hard.