Sharpie Shoes


Kids of all ages love this one! As my son and I did this activity, he said “this is my favorite one!” I had to laugh. He loved coloring shoes with Sharpie Markers and he adored the gradient process. We had a blast making mommy and son shoes. He even wanted to help color mine. This activity took no energy we just sat still and colored. It was awesome. 


White Canvas Shoes

Colored Sharpies 

Rubbing Alcohol 


1 Color the canvas of the shoes with as many colors are you like. We ended up liking the areas I created swirls and other shapes as they bled together really pretty. You could make any design, flowers, stripes, swirls, whatever your want. Just be sure to make the ink thick. 

2 After the entire shoe is covered in color, apply rubbing alcohol to spread the color. We used a medicine dropper (if you do be sure to throw it away after the project). Drip the rubbing alcohol all over the shoes saturating the canvas. 

3 Let the shoes dry over night. If you want you can add more rubbing alcohol, it may create water droplet like effect if you don’t soak the entire shoe. 

4 When you’re happy and they are dry, pop them on your feet and walk around in style.