Soapy Sea Foam


This is a delightful little science project to get them thinking and exploring the world. With ingredients you have around your home this sensory project will delight them and it is so easy for mom to be part of no matter her energy level. Warning though food coloring can stain clothes sometimes, so either wear an apron or old clothes or both. 

Special thanks to: my friend Jess and her girls for playing with us!


Dish Soap 


Corn Starch 

Food Coloring


Small Tote

Optional Sea Animals

Optional Sea Shells

Optional Sea Creature Sponges 


1 In a mixer combine equal parts Ecosense dish soap and water. Mix until it gets foamy. 

2 Add 2 tablespoons of corn starch. This gives it a smooth feeling and makes the bubbles last longer. 

3 Add food coloring and mix it together. 

4 Optional, we hid sea animals and sponge toys in the bottom of a tote. 

5 Pour the foam over the top. (we did three batches in three colors for extra fun).

6 Play, feel, explore!