Popcorn Party


This is a quick activity to do right before snuggling up to watch a movie. Its a bit like cooking, science, and snack time which leads to a snuggle fest. 

Special thanks to: my friend Jess and her girls for playing with us!


Popcorn Kernels

3 Tablespoons Oil

Kettle & Lid

Mix-ins of your choice (Remember to check everyone’s allergies first)

Homemade Popcorn Party with Kids the mama village


1 Put the oil in a heavy bottomed kettle and heat it at medium-high heat. 

2 Put 1/2 cup of popcorn kernels into the pot. 

3 Put the lid on leaving a tiny crack open to let the steam out. The lid is really your shield from the amazing popping that is about to begin. 

4 Let the kernels pop until they seem to slow down. Even after you turn off the stove and move them from the heat some will continue to pop, so be careful.

5 Each person fills their own cup with 3/4 popcorn and then mix-ins of their choice. 

6 Snuggle up watch a movie and enjoy.