Spy Guy Secret Mission


This is a customizable activity that keeps your little ones busy for a while! Select four activities from the options and start your child off on a secret mission that ends with a prize, a story with mom! This is a great activity for age 4+ and mom doesn’t need a lot of energy to participate which is pretty cool. My son felt so cool being a spy. We picked the wiggle dance, jumping jacks, teaching mom the right way to eat a cookie and drawing a picture of the monster under your bed! I learned so much from him. There is a four step process to eat a cookie and the monster under his bed is a girl with two brains and she has spots. Plus he got so energy out doing jumping jacks and teaching me to wiggle dance. 



Spy Kit

Manilla Folder


Spy Sunglasses

Prize: I recommend the book “Spy Guy”


1 Print the Spy Kit stickers for the folder, the mission sheet, the activity sheet and a photo of your child. 

2 Select four activities for your child to do and tape them to the activity sheet. Tape your child’s photo on the activity sheet too.

3 Tape the stickers to the manilla folder and put it all together with the spy glasses. 

4 Start the activities with your child.

5 End with the prize, reading a new book with mom!