Swashbuckle Series: Pirate Telescope.


This is a fun three step series called Swashbuckle. In this piece we will be creating the Pirate Telescope. Simple and fun this craft takes almost no energy from mom and is great for children ages three and up. My son loved picking out all the colors. 


Construction Paper in two colors

Creative tape

Glue Gun

Paper Towel tube

Access to a printer to print the skull template 

Xacto Knife (For mom or older children)


1 Measure the first color of the construction paper to be the length of the tube. Using the glue gun adhere the paper to the tube. 

2 Cut the creative tape into two pieces that are the circumference of the tube. Place them around the top and bottom of the tube. Creating the lenses. 

3 Use the Skull Template and cut the the pirate skull out of the second color of paper, and use the glue gun to stick it to the tube.

4 Let imagination begin!

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