Tinfoil Robot


This fantastic craft is super easy and keeps your kiddos involved this varying textures. I enjoyed this craft with my son for its creative possibilities and for the fact that I had all the supplies laying around. It all starts with raison boxes, so you have a snack and a craft at the same time. Tinfoil Robots was super easy for any energy level of mom and great for ages four and up. 



Glitter Glue

Colored Pipe Cleaner

Eyeballs (or Paper to create eyes)

Raison Box

Scotch Tape


1 Wrap the raison box in tinfoil like a present. I used scotch tape to secure the foil.  

2 I used a wine cork to poke the holes in the sides of the box for the arms, you can also use a paper punch. 

3 Cut the pipe cleaner to about 3 inches long and bend or twist it to create the shape and insert into the arm holes. 

4 Make puddles of the glitter glue and press the eyes into the puddles. 

5 Use the glitter glue to create a mouth.