Swashbuckle Series: Laundry Basket Pirate


Finishing out the Swashbuckle Series we get to finally do the Laundry Basket Pirate Ship! After finishing the Pirate Telescope and the Pirate Hat it is time to bring this craft to life. This is a simple series that doesn’t take much energy from mom, but this last step does have a little more interaction creating the sail. Great for ages three and up. 


Laundry Basket

Long Wrapping Paper Tube

Medium Wrapping Paper Tube

Color Pipe Cleaner

Wrapping Paper

Construction Paper in two colors

Glue Gun

Small Colored Paper Plates

Paper Punch


Xacto Knife (for mom or older children)

Access to a printer to print the Skull and Steering Wheel


1 Take the long and medium wrapping paper tubes and two pieces of the pipe cleaner and tie the to pieces together to make a “T”. I also added a dab of hot glue between the tubes. 

2 Next I measured out the length of the wrapping paper to stretch between the two tubes, allowing for a top section to attach the pirate flag. We hot glued the sail to the tubes and added pipe cleaner to keep it attached.

3 Cut one color of the construction paper to be the flag, and using the Skull Template cut the skull out of the other color using the Xacto Knife and hot glue it to the flag. 

4 Hot glue the flag edge to the top of the longest tube. 

5 Using a paper punch, punch two holes in the center of each plate. Thread one pipe cleaner through each plate attaching it to the laundry basket. We did two plates on each side. 

6 Cut the steering wheel from cardboard using the template with an Xacto Blade.  (We used corrugated cardboard and it was much harder than it would have been with thin cardboard). Hot glue it to the inside-front of the basket.

7 Using pipe cleaner attach the Sail and poles to the side of the laundry basket in at least two places to hold it secure. 

9 Put on your Pirate Hat and grab your Pirate Telescope and play!