The Bloodmark Saga by Aurora Whittet

Launching a Saga


The Bloodmark Saga

Once upon a time…a wanna-be writer sat in a hospital room with her mama and her beloved mother was told she had an incurable cancer. That was the moment my life changed. I had to give up my naive, child-like view that my mama would live to be as old as my grandparents (who were still alive) and so would I. Mortality is a funny thing. One day you’re an invincible child with an untouchable super-hero mama, and the next you look into your mama’s gray eyes and see her fear.  

I set out to create the Bloodmark Saga; Bloodmark, Bloodrealms and publishing just this month the exciting conclusion Bloodmoon. I wrote them for a lot of reasons, because I always wanted to be a writer, because I had something to say, because I wanted to give young girls a strong female lead (Ashling isn’t infallible, but who is?), and because I knew if I wanted to do it I better hurry up and do it, because I didn’t know how many lucky days I would have on this great earth. The Bloodmark Saga started as a dream and a place for me to hide when the reality of chemotherapy infusions was too much and I didn’t want to face the fact that my mama was dying before my eyes, but soon the saga turned into so much more for so many people. 

These wonderful little readers would show up at my book signings, find me on Facebook, message me on GoodReads…they were all inspired and touched by my characters. They found all the little things I had hidden in those pages. My message to build a strong support group, that you have a right to choose your path, girl power, family, love, kindness, sacrifice. They saw it all. 

Those beautiful little fans leaving reviews on Amazon, telling me why Ashling meant so much to them. I find myself in awe of them, my readers, the heartbeat of my novels. Without them my words have no meaning. So with that I must say a heart-felt and slightly weepy thank you for letting me fill the world with more books!