The Mysterious Hair

How is it that long!

We’ve all been there. Somewhere in your 20’s you find your first mystery hair . . . and then they are forever. I check every morning for that horrible little sneak. Looking in my magnifying mirror for a hair sprouting from my chin. I slowly rub my finger back and forth over my skin checking for that little prickle of doom. Satisfied that there isn’t a hair, I continue with my day. 

Then it happens . . . I touch my chin in a meeting . . . WHAT! I nearly scream. Where did that even come from? I couldn’t have missed it!

I’m like an old spinster woman!

My mind is lost in a tumble of thoughts. I rub my finger over it again and again feeling its prickly little evil point. Twiddle. Twiddle. Twiddle. I try to focus, but all I really want to do is pluck that nasty little thing out of my face. Twiddle. Twiddle. Twiddle. What is this meeting even about? Twiddle. Twiddle. Twiddle. I need a tweezers . . . stat. Twiddle. Twiddle. Twiddle. 

Finally the meeting is over and I rush to the bathroom to check out the damage . . . pretending to check my hair in the mirror until the coast is clear. I tilt my face up and there it is, in all its whiskery glory. 

How could it be that long since this morning? 

Lord why is it so dark? 

For goodness sake its a 1/2 inch long! 

Did anyone see that?

How could anyone have missed the old-lady flag flying from my chin!?!

I wander out to my car and get my tweezer, and yes I do keep a tweezer in my car, and I reach up, grip that little bastard with the tweezer and rip it from my face. I feel a sense of painful satisfaction, knowing it is gone. 

But really, what is the point . . . it is either the world’s fastest growing hair or it is a damn village down there. I should just grow those three or four hairs out and braid them!

You just laugh-gagged didn’t you? Terrifying visual, but funny. Let us all just be honest ladies. We all have a mystery hair. I get mine in my chin. I have a friend with one in the middle of her forehead. Another with two by her nipple. It is the beauty of being alive. So laugh with me, about my witches whiskers and enjoy your day!