Mama Village Activities


Let it begin! 

As part of this journey I have set out to create an activity center for mamas, the activities link to my upcoming children’s book “Mama’s Knight; A Cancer Story of Love.” This has been a project fueled by love and inspired by my mom, who I lost to uterine cancer, and my friend Tyson who was diagnosed with brain cancer and my friend Laurie diagnosed with thyroid cancer. So many amazing women and moms . . . and so much terrible cancer. I realized there was a hole in the world that my talents and energy could fill.

I wanted to create a place for mamas to go to find activities, support, love, laughter, and so much more. I wanted to create a book that every mama, with any cancer could use to help her children and herself through the journey. To bond them tighter together with activites, instead of apart when mom is too tired to play. I wanted to give mamas an easy path to asking for help, because lets face it, moms are like super heroes, but that means sometimes even they can forget to ask for help. I am so excited to share the book with the world, but for today I shall just tease you with the first of the activities. 

Coloring is a simple way to destress for children and mamas and a great and cheap way to keep kiddos busy and calm. So I asked my friend and amazing illustrator Matt Kaufenberg to help me out. He said yes with so much kindness and he drew these two cute illustrations of heroes as downloadable coloring sheets for your sweet ones! Watch for them to arrive when the activity center launches! 

There is so much goodness on the horizon and this is one very exciting piece!