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I’m a little neurotic when it comes to products that come in contact with my son. Which is ironic because I am a product of the 1980’s which means I ate some of the worst processed foods and came in contact with some atrocious chemicals in everyday products. It is unreal the things that are allowed to be sold to us without truly telling us what is in them. Simple air freshener sprays are licensed pesticides and we breathe that in. Your laundry soap can contain formaldehyde! Even your mascara that lets face it if your a mama you’ve gotten it in your eyes can contain tar. I lost my mom to cancer and I have a little boy who depends on me, so I spend a bit of time worrying about that and researching and trying to create a cleaner home for myself and my son. Here are a few of the products/brands I’ve liked along the way, but always do your own research too. You are the gate-keeper to your own personal well being. 

When my son was a baby I loved their diapers, they are more expensive, but it is worth it. They are eco-friendly, ultra absorbent & free of lotions, fragrances & latex. My personal favorite their essential oil deodorants, because lets face it, those standard deodorants with anti-perspirants have been linked to breast cancer. They also started carrying tampons and pads! They are made WITHOUT: rayon, polyester, fragrances, deodorants, glues & adhesives, phthalates, pesticide residues, chlorine or chlorine dioxide processing, polypropylene, polyethylene (in tampon), myreth-3-myristate, synthetic zeolites, alcohol ethoxylates, glycerol, glycerol esters, polysorbate-20, or antibacterial agents! This company goes out of its way to make sure what goes on your baby’s bottom, on your arm-pits, in your vagina and everywhere in between are safe. 

The Life Time Foundation
The Life Time Foundation is out there helping schools change what our children eat in the lunch line, eliminate the seven Ingredients of Concern [Trans fats and Hydrogenated oils, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Hormones and Antibiotics in beef and other animal products where possible, Added and Artificial Sweeteners, Artificial Colors and Flavors, Artificial Preservatives, and Bleached Flour] replacing them with real, whole foods. All of those ingredients are tied to diseases like Childhood Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer and more, and we feed them to our children. So I am a supporter of their cause, check them out and try to get them into your school district. 

I know this crazy happy, perky girl Jessica that reps for Melalueca and I couldn’t say enough nice things about their laundry soap! It doesn’t leave oily spots on my clothes like other organic detergents, it actually gets the clothes clean without eating away at the fabric with formaldehyde, and it smells good. They have so many safer products at this company and I have not even come close to trying them all! Some I like more than others so try for yourself but that laundry soap is a true winner for me! Feel free to reach out to Jessica for more info.

Honest Beauty
This is part of the Honest brand that I spoke about above, but this separate site called Honest Beauty actually has safe make-up, so you can put make-up on to look your most glamorous without putting cancer causing agents or tar on your face. There is so much research and current legislation about this topic if you’re up breast-feeding in the middle of the night it is so interesting reading, but for Honest Beauty’s part they do a good job of creating safer products and being open about their ingredients. 

Trader Joe’s
Trader Joe’s is a grocery store that I frequent. I love that they have some restrictions on what they are willing to carry in the store. It still isn’t perfect food buying, but every little bit helps trying to get cleaner food to the table for your family at an affordable price. They support safer products and food handling. And as a mama I love that their candy is wrapped in packages that aren’t primary colors, my four-year-old doesn’t even notice them at the checkouts. Life is so much easier when you don’t have to fight about candy just to pay for your food. 

So life isn’t perfect and it unlikely you will have a perfectly chemical-free home, but every little bit helps. We are busy mamas, we have too much to do in far too little time, but pick one thing and when you get used to it, pick another. Like switching ketchup from the corn-syrup stuff to just straight up real ingredients without added sugar, its gross the first week, but now my son and I love it. Baby-steps to safer living. The key is not to freak yourself out and over stress, just strive for happiness and a long healthy life.