Are You Kidding Me


The time I locked myself in a bedroom

So one day I was painting the new door on my son’s bedroom. It is somewhere around midnight. As I stroke the brush along the fine details of the beautiful five-panel door, the door clicks shut. 

I say “Oh !@$C#%&^!”

I put down the brush and start trying to open the knob-less door. In the process I accidentally clicked the lock. Yes the lock without the pin. So now I am truly locked in his room. Like truly locked in and I’m home alone. 

“NLN%*DUR*L*O#$!” I cry. “You have got to be kidding me.”

I look around and I start trying to use my son’s toys to unlock the pin in the door. But nothing is the right size. At this point I realize it is midnight, I am home alone, and I am locked in a bedroom. I start frantically looking at the windows imagining spider monkeying out the window from a second story window. Will I break my legs, I wonder. 

“Calm down.” I mutter as I grab my back pocket seeking my phone wondering if there is someone out there I could wake up that could help me, but it isn’t there. I left my phone in my room. Fantastic. I am locked in an upstairs room without a phone and home alone. 

Now what. Time to MacGyver-It. I take a deep breath and I start digging through all the little pieces of his curtain rod that are taken apart and laying on the dresser. I find a tiny screw…I pray…and it fits! I am able to screw it into the tiny locking pin and pull it out. The door is unlocked. Now I insert the door knob and turn it. Praise Jesus. I am free. 

All I can say is expect the unexpected. LOL. Here’s to adventures in mama-ing and home improvements.