How do Normal People Spend Their Time?


No seriously…I don’t understand. 


You may think I’m kidding, but I’m not. This was a legitimate question I had the other day. What is it normal people do with their time? I ask this because at this very season of my life I am a mama, author, blogger, speaker, designer, lover of two dogs and one cat…now this all sounds like a lot right? Well It doesn’t stop there, I’m also in the middle of a remodel on my home where I am painting every room in my house, wiring new lights, writing a new novel, promoting the Bloodmark Saga, and in the process of editing and launching a children’s book. 

So while up until midnight one night painting the trim in my bedroom I had no choice, but to ask, what are normal people doing? 

I realize I must be a bit crazy to tackle all these things at the same time, all while being an amazing mom and doing boring things like laundry and dishes. I gave up television about four years ago when I committed my life to writing and bringing stories to people’s lives. 

I know my life will always be a little crazy. I love to create. I love to live. I love to explore. I also had to acknowledge that normal people take breaks. I like this idea. I think I shall try out this normal person thing and remember to slow down and smell the roses. I’m very good at doing it when I’m with my son Henry. He gets my attention undivided. I’m not so great at doing it for me. 

Remember that all we can take with us when we die is our memories, so make good choices with your time. So join me in committing to our own souls and caring for them. Take a little time to tell yourself that you’re doing a great job, that you’re amazing and that the world needs you.