The Master Negotiator


Toddlers and Their Magical Powers. 

It happens to all mamas, even the best of them…that moment when your toddler outsmarts you or changes your mind unexpectedly. Well it happens to me. So I want to share one of my favorite moments with my son to brighten your day and bond us together as the Mama Village. Share your favorite #beentoddlered stories below!

Once upon a time, not so very long ago … my sweet, little, four-year-old son walked into the room with a bounce in his step and wonder in his eyes. I looked upon his innocent face, unknowing that an adventurous debate was about to ensue as the morning light shone in on us. 

“I want dessert.” he said.

“I’m making breakfast, love.” I said as I cut up strawberries and apple slices. 

The sound of bacon frying in the pan filled the kitchen with joyous smells. I grabbed his favorite cereal from the cabinet and grabbed his Thomas the Train spoon as I turned and set them on the table before him. 

“I don’t want strawberries!” he wailed. “I want blueberries!”

I looked at him quizzically. “Love, we don’t have blueberries today, but we have strawberries and apples, and the bacon is almost done.”

“We do! We do have blueberries!” he yells while flopping around on the ground like a fish out of water.

I kneel down next to him. “Henry we don’t have blueberries, we ate them all for supper yesterday.” I say.

“No. No strawberries.” He screams inconsolably. “I want blueberries. You go buy them for me.”

I choke back a laugh as I say. “No sweetie, today we are having strawberries and apples. Please stop yelling.” 

He looks up at me with his tiny wet eyelashes and whispers. “I need blueberries.” he says. 

“But why do you need them?” I asked.

“Because you love me.” he said, eyes twinkling. 

“I do love you, but we are still out of blueberries.” I said kissing his tear streaked cheek. 

“Fine. I will eat the strawberries, but we will buy blueberries after breakfast.” he said.

I laughed … well he won that one, blueberries shall be purchased for the world’s cutest negotiator. I’ve officially been toddlered.