Leaving Corporate America


with mama and Lady Boss Empire co-founder Allison Crandall

I decided to take control of my life and start building my own dreams versus someone else’s almost three years ago.    I had been working as an esthetician for over ten years when my son, Chase was born. I can’t express my joy seeing his sweet face. At the time it wasn’t an option for me to stay at home with him, as I needed to financially contribute to the bottom line of our family finances. I very quickly got tired of shuffling him off to childcare and then rushing to my job only to trade hours for dollars….I felt passionless to be honest and not in control of my own time. I hated leaving my son everyday with strangers, but I didn’t think there was another option for my family.   At that time in my life I was blessed to meet Stefanie Peters, my current business partner, best friend, and co-founder of Lady Boss Empire.   She introduced me to residual income. I had no idea prior to meeting her what that even meant…(income that continues to be generated after the initial effort has been expended). I looked at that in terms of doing facials and thought, WOW . . . if I were still being paid on the facial I did ten years ago I would be sitting in an amazing spot financially. Unfortunately, that is not reality in the salon and spa industry, nor corporate America where you earn a linear income or “one-shot” compensation.   I decided to team up with her and educate others on The Total Wellness Concept: how to take your wellness to the next level in these four areas; physical, financial, personal and environmental; helping women regain control of their lives, health and finances. Within months I was able to supplement my income enough to leave the skin care clinic and be at home with my son Chase. You cannot put a price tag on what it feels like to experience waking up with your child, putting them to bed at night, and every moment in between…they are memories that cannot be re-lived or duplicated.   Along with the residual income I’ve enjoyed, I’m now able to help other women leave corporate America to come home with their children. I specialize in leveraging time so women are able to build another stream of residual income to eventually match and then surpass what is already being made in linear income so they can follow their dreams.   Lady Boss Empire was founded by myself and Stefanie Peters almost three years ago. It’s an empowerment platform for women that encourages living a life by design and not default. We believe that every woman was born with greatness inside of her and we work to nurture that in a community of other like-minded women who are running after their passion and purpose!   Change your fate and learn more about Allison Crandall and the Lady Boss Empire!   mamavillage_mothersday_giveaway Enter your chance to win a Mother’s Day Relaxation Package: 3 Bath Bombs jasmine, lavender, and peppermint, and a hardcover copy of Bloodmark by Aurora Whittet. (Shipping to the continental USA only). Enter the Mama Village Rafflecopter giveaway now!