The Foundation of Our Family


Mama appreciation from daddy-blogger Sean Evenson

Anyone who knows me will tell you that my passion for hunting and the outdoors burns deeply. No one knows or understands this like my wife, Greta. After all, she married into it. Although, I don’t think she knew at the time just how raging the fire inside of me actually was. Sure she has sat through story after story of hunting tales, wants, and needs and managed to keep her reactions to subtle eye rolls, but I really don’t think she knew what it truly meant to be a hunter. For one, there really isn’t much of an off season, just the next quarry. And for us bowhunters, the end of a season only means preparing for the next one with hours spent perfecting the mystical flight of the arrow.

When we were dating and newlyweds this really wasn’t a big deal. As a matter of fact, I can even recount a couple of times where Greta would accompany me to the ground blind for a date spent calling spring turkeys. However, priorities changed once Reese was born and for good reason, but that also meant hitting the pause button on our date nights out hunting. Now with Brinley in the picture, I think it’s going to be awhile before we have another “blind” date. Even though our priorities have changed with kids, my burning desire for hunting hasn’t; it has probably only increased as I have gotten older and thought more about my goals as a hunter. I understand that this way of life can sometimes put stress on my family, as Greta and I are constantly pushing and pulling for time, but it is not such a bad thing. It has allowed me to finally observe what kind of woman and “mama” my wife truly is and without hesitation realize how far more superior she is than me.

When it comes to our kids no shortcut is taken and no matter how tired and physically drained from the day, she always has enough energy to read books, play soccer, or even go on the much anticipated nightly walk with Brinley. To her all of this may seem to go unnoticed, but it doesn’t. I am always watching, observing, and even taking mental notes because it is through watching her that I have learned to be a good father. When I’m away chasing my dreams she doesn’t complain (much), but instead proves every time why I love her as much as I do. I know I have nothing to worry about because no one could ever protect our babies better than she. And when I finally walk through the door of reality I fight to make up for every lost second. For it is my wife who has helped me realize the value of time.

I know I am going to continue to go on hunting trips and as my kids get older I will try to include them every chance I get. However, when I am home, I want to mirror my wife and bring the same kind of energy she does to our family day in and day out. I know that when the fire inside me rages and the need to chase down my dreams as a hunter comes to fruition, my kids are in the only hands I could ever imagine. My wife is my rock, the foundation of our family, and when I search for the words to describe her, although there are many, five always come to mind: strong, loving, protective, energetic, and patient.

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