Age is an Honor


Age, is more than a number. 

I often hear women saying they are afraid or sad about an upcoming birthday and I want to change that perspective. I don’t know if I agree with the old adage; age is just a number. We can be 13, 30, 40, 50 or 100, and it is more than a number, it is a badge of honor. I lost my mama when she was only 63 years old. I never considered her old. She died so very young as far as I’m concerned and left me in the world without her protection. So to me the idea of being in my 90’s like my strong and brilliant grandfather was, sounds like perfection. A lot of women spend their lives not feeling good enough and fighting the wrinkles, that prove they laughed. I can’t change your mind about getting older, but every once in a while I want you to stop and be thankful that you are the age you are, because it is a gift. We only get so many birthdays before we leave this earth, so why not be thankful for each and every one. 

But since we will still spend time fighting father-time, I will give you the two absolutely best ways to fight aging. You’re probably thinking what magical cream or new medical treatment is she about to recommend. It isn’t a made-up diet, or over priced eye cream, nor is it the latest way to slice-and-dice your face into medical perfection. Instead the two things you need to start from birth to change the appearance of your face, skin and body throughout your life, are simple. 

1 Drink Water and Lots of It EVERYDAY. The quickest way to see results is to drink water. Lack of water will make your skin sag and your wrinkles will settle in deep. There are many other benefits to water for your health, but age-defying is one of them. Squeeze in fresh lemon for more benefits like: glowing skin, better digestion, it can even help you lose weight and it is packed with vitamin C! No other magical elixir sold in the world can do what water and lemons can do for you!

2 Sunscreen. Even if you are a sun-loving tan princess, change your way-ward ways now. Sunscreen your face and chest every day. If you know you’re going in the sun that day sunscreen any of your precious skin that may be exposed. Sun is the fastest way to damage and age you, not to mention risk of skin cancer. So start your sunscreen regime today. I recommend Alba sunscreen because they don’t use all the common cancer causing agents that the mass-majority of “sunscreens” use. It is baffling to me that the sunscreen I could buy at the store to protect myself from skin cancer has known cancer causing chemicals in it. Mind blown, right. Anyways research that stuff in your spare time, but I love Alba! It smells good and works great without risking my or my son’s health. 

So starting today start drinking more lemon water and wear sunscreen. Everyone else will age, and you will be healthy.