Mama Bear Safety Check List


Five Ways to Protect Yourself and Your Child

Life is hard enough before you even start imagining the unimaginable. I used to love shows like Law and Order SVU and Criminal Minds, but once I had my son they freaked me out way too much to continue watching those shows. So here are some Mama Village Tips on how to keep yourself and your babies safe in this great big vast world. 

1 Carseat Safety It is often to easy to get in a rush and not double…triple…quadruple check the carseat, but this lovely guide will help you walk through the steps from installing to when to change to front facing. Ensure that the harness is snug and you can’t pinch any slack between your fingers when testing the harness straps over the baby’s shoulders, and that the retainer clip is placed at the center of the chest, level to your child’s armpits. Make sure the car seat is installed tightly in the vehicle. If you can move the seat at the belt path more than an inch side to side or front to back, it’s not tight enough. Often your local fire department will help with installation to verify the safety of your precious cargo. 

2 Mama Safety Did you know that 1 in 4 college age women will be sexually assaulted during their collegiate career. That is terrible. Whether you are a runner or just out getting groceries and your back is turned, you can easily become a victim of a crime. Even the fiercest mama bear needs to protect herself and her off spring.  I had to admit that no matter how fierce I think I am, I’m still little. So products like the Equalizer and Key Chain Pepper Spray can help even the odds. Also good advice stands true, if someone attacks you don’t scream “rape” that can immobilize others from helping, yell “fire” instead.  

3 Home Defense Now that you’ve protected yourself when you are out-and-about, I want to talk about home safety. Take note of your home and surroundings and find some of these simple ways to keep yourself safe. Some entry doors and frames could be easily kicked in, products like Door Armor can help keep intruders out. If someone does get inside your home, Home Defense Spray will fog and entire doorway with pepper spray to stop intruders. Another option I learned from a police officer recently was simply buying a can of Wasp Spray which is pressurized poison that shoots up to 27-feet. Either option it is recommended to have one of on every level of your home. Also, I have to mention every home should have a fire extinguisher for every level of their home as well. If there is an intruder or fire, you won’t have time to run to another level of your home to get the tools you need to protect yourself and your babies. 

4 The New Stranger Danger When I was a child after the terrible moment when Jacob Wetterling was taken from a small town in Minnesota, I remember being promptly taught about Stranger Danger. We were told to never talk to strangers, but the sad truth is we are more likely to be hurt by someone we know than a stranger. And what happens if your child gets accidentally separated from you at the Mall for example? They are now terrified of all strangers and are more likely to hide than seek help. So the new way to talk to your children about what to do if they are separated from you is to find the first mom with kids they can find. A mom with kids is a beacon of safety, and that fellow mama bear will protect your baby until you can be reunited. 

5 Environmental Safety Be careful what products you allow in your home things as simple as dish soap that is setting on your counter, can often be the highest in Formaldehyde and easily poison kids. Some air-fresheners or anti-bacterial sprays are registered pesticides, and we breathe them in. I love companies like the Honest Company, Melaleuca with my friend and rep Jessica, and Alba Botanica! They all have amazing, safer products for us and our environment.