I’ve Been Toddler-ed


How quiet, is too quiet? 

Once upon a time, on the three hour drive home from Wisconsin. My son was reading to himself in the backseat. Just he and I, and two farting dalmatians, on the long drive back to Minnesota. My son had a cup of water, crackers for a snack and a book in his lap. What more could a toddler need? 

The drive went on without a single complaint, at this point I’m convinced that I’m the luckiest mama in the world. I stop hearing the pages turn on his Zootopia book and I assume he’s asleep. I glance in the rearview mirror and his eyes are droopy and he’s looking down. He looks to be close to napping on the car ride. 

I must be a mama-genie. 

Well, the quietness goes on for a long time, I can see he’s still awake, but still not a single complaint. Soon he’s talking about trains and deer and the turtle he caught. We talk our way home and it was one of the most peaceful rides. As we pull into the driveway and stop, we are both very excited to no longer be trapped in the car, as our butts have numbed. 

I hop out and open the back door to unbuckle my sweet boy only to discover what kept him quiet and entertained for so very long . . . apparently there was a lone blue marker being harbored in his carseat like toddler contraband and it has been put to good use. 

My son’s left arm is blue from fingers to elbow!

Have I mistakenly brought home a Smurf!?! Nope. Just my very blue and very happy little boy. He is smiling from ear to ear and extremely proud of his arm-art. 

I have to admit he’s contagiously adorable, but it seems I’ve been toddler-ed. 

Have you ever been toddler-ed? What did your quiet, innocent bundle of cuteness do when you weren’t looking? Share your toddler-ed moments!

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