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Seven Ways to Thrive Through Stress

Stress sucks, and it is everywhere. Work, kids, school, dinner, traffic, bills, pets, sickness, aging, fear, mowing, garbage, cleaning, laundry, activities, sports, taxes…the list goes on and on. So to me, it isn’t how do we get rid of stress, because no matter who you are a piece of it will always plague you, so how do we cope with stress and learn to thrive through it. So here is how I cope with the crap. 

1 Friendship. There is nothing like it. And depression is a dark secret so many keep. If horrible, scary feelings get into your head, call your friends. Work hard at keeping relationships with 3-5 like-minded women that help keep you on track in life. We all fall from time to time, but if you have a strong net of brilliant woman they keep you far from the edge. Just the other day I needed my girls and they held me up. With texts, phone calls, and a dinner date. 

2 Meditation. There are so many forms of meditation, apps, online, classes and groups. Calming mediation can ease worry, activating mediation can inspire. There are many choices to pick from and there is one out there that is just right for you. My personal favorite you have to have a bit of a sense of humor to try, so you’ve been warned. Try the Honest Mediation at your own risk. I advise headphones. #NSFW

3 Laughter. Laughter is beautiful and freeing. The sound of a baby’s laugh can change the day. Watching a clumsy puppy run. Reading ridiculous memes on the internet or taking the time to chat with a friend about a funny story. Find ways to laugh all day long. It will change your day no matter how crappy it may be. So let me help get us off on the right foot . . . one day my son and I were snuggling and he nuzzles his little face into my neck when suddenly he farts. He looks up at me and says “did you taste that?” Ha! Gross. But funny. Farts are funny. 

4 Adult Coloring. There is an amazing connection between emotional healing and art. Adult coloring is a huge trend right now and that is amazing. I am a huge fan of all things art and creative. I sketched this one just for all of you. This one comes with a warning too. It may include a swearword, but in this case it feels supremely right. Enjoy!

5 Exercise. If you are truly struggling with stress one of the easiest ways to work through it is with exercise. It sounds lame maybe, but it is scientifically true! If you want to change your emotions, sweat. However you can, at the gym, on your bike, in your living room with a DVD routine. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just that you do it. Exercise has the strength to fight depression, stress, and bad or sad emotions. It is the most under utilized and yet more effective ways to help you through tough times. 

6 Snuggles and Treats. Okay lets be serious we need these too. Icecream, candy, chips . . . whatever your guilty pleasure. Every thing in moderation. So don’t go crazy with treats, but I do know something you can never get too much of, and that is snuggles. Snuggle your children, your spouse, your puppy, your coworkers kitty or hug your best friend. Simple hugs have wonderful endorphin releases in your brain. So sign me up for the hug-a-thon. 

7 Faith. When you are lost and unsure, seek your faith, whatever it may be, but it will center you and guide you to peace. I always find peace in nature, in church, in music and being surrounded by like-minded souls. Find your faith today. The simplest act of going outside and letting the wind mess up your hair and the sun warm your heart, can change your day.

Please share your ways to cope with the messiness of life!

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